8 Most Photographed Places in Tallinn, Estonia

We all know that whether it is for our social media profiles or for keeping good memories – taking good photos is important when travelling. To make sure that you won’t miss any good photo opportunities, here is a list of places to inspire you for a great photo album, Instagram story, travel blog or simply to add to your Tallinn itinerary.

Cover photo by ©Katie and Xavier Ritzi – Kohtuotsa viewing platform


1. Stenboch viewing platform

There is hardly anyone who visits Tallinn without seeing the Old Town. Although the winding streets and Medieval houses already offer endless opportunities for taking charming photos, nothing beats the view from higher up. For that reason, people love the Stenbock viewing platform, looking right over the Old Town and towards the St Olaf’s Church. Find the viewing platform on this 1.5 hour Old Town Walking Tour which also takes you to many other picturesque sights on the way.

© Filippo Cesarini – View from the Stenboch Platform


2. Jägala waterfall

Jägala waterfall has become a ‘Must-see’ place when visiting Tallinn as it is just 30 minute drive from the city. The waterfall is gorgeous all-year-round, especially in winter when it freezes. There are few other waterfalls near Tallinn that you can read about in our blog post 7 Wonderful Waterfalls Near Tallinn. Visit the waterfall during the Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park, or perhaps on this Half-Day Tour to Jägala. You can also add it to your tour to the Husky Park, or combine it with your Old Town Tour. There are plenty of options to choose from so don’t miss out!

© Carl-Martin Nisu – Join the Picnic Tour to Jägala waterfall during winter


3. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This can be the most crowded place in Tallinn Old Town during the summer months. As the church has free entry, people often queue to see the church from the inside. Taken aback by the three domes, which leaves the surrounding buildings unnoticed, many visitors don’t realise that right in front of the church is the Estonian Parliament – perhaps one of the most important buildings in the country. Visit the church on the 3-hour Tallinn Classic Tour or on the full day Tallinn Top Attractions Tour. Let your guide to tell you why the church is overlooking our parliament and so understand Estonian local history.

©Katie and Xavier Ritzi – To avoid big crowds, visit the church early morning


4. Rummu quarry

The old buildings, which are partially submerged into the crystal-clear water beside the sandy hills with curvy eroded shapes in Rummu quarry create a feeling of some forgotten history. There are endless photo opportunities from the lake shore and the sand dunes. Rummu is also known as an alternative beach by the locals and many come here during the hot summer days. Read more about it in our blog, 5 Off the Beaten Track Beaches Near Tallinn. Visit Rummu on the 5-hour Rummu Submerged Quarry and Coastal Cliffs Tour that takes you to many other sites such as Keila waterfall, Paldiski city, the coastline and an abandoned military base.

© Filippo Cesarini – View over the light blue lake of Rummu


5. Untouched nature

In Estonia we are very proud of our nature, forests, bogs, coastlines and four seasons. It is part of our national identity and people try to find a balance between their busy routines and taking time to get away from it all. Being in the middle of a thick forest or wide bogs where you cannot hear a single sound has something holy for us, something that brings us back to our roots. Furthermore, it is also a great playground for photographers. Find the most beautiful nature sights on the Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park or discover the beauty of Estonian bogs on the Bog-Shoe Hiking Tour which takes you off the beaten trail. Learn more about the bogs from our blog, What is a bog.

© Carl-Martin Nisu – Get in touch with Estonian nature



6. Street art

Tallinn has its own hipster and artsy feel that surprises many. This also means plenty of street art from both famous artists and the unknown ones. Nearby the best street art, there are often also some of the best cafes and restaurants in Tallinn, so it is worth to check out!

© Kadi-Liis Koppel – The street art in Tallinn offers great photo opportunities for the creative minds

7. Local restaurants

Tallinn has a great choice of restaurants that offer excellent quality food for reasonable prices. This also provides plenty of material for your social media accounts to make your friends jealous. If you are interested in vegetarian and vegan options, you need to search a bit more. To help you in this, we have put a together a list of Top 5 vegan places in Tallinn. Estonia also has an expanding choice of craft beer which you can get to know on this Tallinn Old Town Tour with Craft Beer Tasting.

© Kadi-Liis Koppel – Indulge into the delicacies of the local restaurants in Tallinn


8. Kohtuotsa viewing platform

Another stunning viewing platform in Tallinn is Kohtuotsa viewing platform for its view over the Old Town. This can also be one of the most crowded places in the Old Town during midday in the summer, so try to go when there are less people around. You will visit this place on the 1.5 hour Old Town Walking Tour or the Combo Old Town Tour and Bog Walk.

©Katie and Xavier Ritzi – View over Tallinn from Kohtuotsa viewing platform


There you go! Grab your camera and be ready to take some stunning photos while you are in Tallinn.

Let us know if you know any other secret spots or would like our help to find any of the places mentioned above!

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As for good places to take photos near Tallinn’s casinos, there are many historic and scenic spots throughout the city. Some top options include:

– Toompea Hill and Castle, which offers panoramic views over the city and a historic castle complex.
– St. Olaf’s Church, which has a tall spire that provides views over the city and sea.
– Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and charming squares.
– Kadriorg Park, a large park with a palace, pond, and gardens.
– Tallinn Town Wall, a historic wall that surrounded the city in the medieval period.

It is recommended to check with each casino for their specific offerings and operating hours before visiting and to explore the city to find the best places to take photos.