After being in Tallinn for a couple of days and seeing all the top attractions you probably would like to experience more of Estonia. A whole new world begins outside of the borders of Tallinn with lots to discover. Enjoy a day out of Tallinn on an Estonian island, or the most famous national park,
During winter time, Prangli Travel offers several winter tours in Estonia including ice-skating on forest lakes, cross country skiing, visiting the frozen Jägala waterfall and much more. However, today we’ll have a closer look at the Husky Park tour with dog sledding. Warning! If you’re not ready for some drop dead adorable pictures and a
Wetlands cover around 22% of Estonian surface, with 6% belonging to bogs. In the whole world, only the surface of Finland, our neighbour to the north, has more wetlands than Estonia, and Estonians take a lot of pride in that. Walking in bogs and picking berries are a few of Estonians’ favourite things to do,
In 2018 Estonia is celebrating its 100th anniversary - EV100. In this blog we introduce beautiful places, activities and things to do in Estonia, so you'd have a chance to spend your days here to the fullest and celebrate with us. Even though our capital is rather small compared to other European cities, there is