5 Off the Beaten Track Beaches Near Tallinn

If you are trying to find a compromise between discovering new exciting sites and taking time to relax on your visit to Tallinn, then accept the challenge and find these off the beaten path beaches. Bask in the sun and take a (most likely cool) dip into the water, while enjoying the scenery and the surrounding nature. Locals love these spots as they are normally not that crowded. Each has its own advantages over the mainstream beaches in Tallinn – be it warm water or that it gets deep faster unlike on the seaside where you often have to walk for miles until you are able to swim because of the flat landscape here. So, see what we have to offer, pack your sunscreen and flip-flops and make sure to use Google maps for finding your way there.


Rummu quarry

During the Soviet time, Rummu quarry was used for mining limestone. However, since the mining activity ended, the deepening has infilled with groundwater, creating a lake with clear water and sandy shores. The history of the quarry is long and not the brightest. During the Soviet era, prisoners from two of the nearby prisons were forced to work in the quarry. From that time, some of the buildings that were previously used as mining facilities are still standing in the middle of the lake, giving the area deserted and apocalyptic feel. Despite that, the sandy shores and clear water bring many locals here on sunny days to take the most out of the summer. Furthermore, there are many activities organised such as diving experiences and trips to explore the quarry on canoes, SUP boards or rafts.

Visit this beach on the 5-hour Tour to Coastal Cliffs and Rummu Quarry. If you pack your swimsuit you can have a quick dip into the light blue water!

Photo credit: Adventurecentre Rummu



Lake Valdeku

Lake Valdeku, just 20 minute drive from Tallinn city centre, is also a former quarry. However, it is popular swimming spot among the locals as the water gets warm faster than in the beaches in Tallinn and it gets deep relatively quick when you walk into the water. The main attraction here is however Estrella Wakepark where you can try out cable wakeboarding. There are also volleyball courts, discgolf course, slackline and playground for kids – everything you need for a fun and active summer day. However, despite these attractions, there are still relatively few people coming here and the place is normally not too crowded. The beach is relaxed and the people looking for adrenaline on wakeboards won’t disturb your sweet summer chill at the beach.

Video credits: Estrella Wakepark


Salarand or the Secret Beach

The name Salarand literally means Secreat Beach and there are not many who know about it. Most people found out about this place thanks to Google Maps. If you look around the coastal area west of Tallinn, you can suddenly find a place called “Secret Location BEACH“. You can find it easily with the help of Google Maps, but don’t expect to find an exotic oasis tucked away from the normal Estonian weather. The beach is definitely charming and makes you feel like you are hidden from everyone and gives you much more privacy than any beach in Tallinn. You can find many other similar beaches at the north coast of Estonia. When going west from Tallinn, check out Kloogaranna, Vääna-Jõesuu and Laulasmaa which are described in this blog. When heading east and a bit further from Tallinn, see Punakivi beach, Kolga-Aabla or discover the seaside in Lahemaa National Park.

Source: Google Maps


Prangli Island

If you have been reading our blog then you know that we are in love with this island. Why? Because it only takes 1.5 hours from the central Tallinn to get there and you will feel like you are completely detached from your everyday worries. With the light sea breeze wandering through the pine forests and the few old households of the native islanders here and there – Prangli is a perfect destination for spending your summer days. It also offers a very Estonian experience as it is every local’s dream to escape to a small village and discover empty beaches in the summer. That is exactly what Prangli offers. If you want to discover the island together with its history, book a Day Trip to Prangli Island or the Hike and Sauna Trip to Prangli and enjoy the beaches after the tour, or even better – opt to stay on the island overnight.

Photo author: Eike J. Raielo


Bog pools

Estonians love the local nature with its vast forests and deep bogs. Many of the wetlands are easily accessible with hiking routes and boardwalks that allow you to enjoy the nature without worrying about getting lost or making your feet wet. The natural pools in the bogs are cool and clean as the bog environment is slightly acidic, killing all the bacteria. That is why Estonians like to go for a swim in a bog. This might just be something to put into your bucket list. If you want to make the trip to the bog easy, check out the tours such as Bog Shoe Hiking Tour, Bogs and Sauna Tour, Tallinn Old Town Tour combined with Bog Walk or Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park; and ask your guide if you could quickly take a dip into one of the pools.

Estonian Bog, Swimming in Estonia
Photo Credit: Prangli Travel

Your visit to Tallinn doesn’t have to be seeing one museum after another. Make the most out of the nature and the unique places while exploring the local spots.