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Prangli Island Day Trip

    • Have a comfortable ferry ride
    • Drive around in an open top Soviet-style truck or jeep
    • Admire a small wooden church
    • Explore a nature reserve
    • Visit a natural gas source, unique in the whole of Estonia
    • Climb on top of a huge boulder
    • Discover an island off the beaten path with authentic fishing villages
    • Enjoy local island food

Prangli Island is located just 30 km from Estonia’s capital. It is the only Northern Estonian Island, that has been continuously inhabited for more than 600 years. It has its own dialect of the Estonian language, very diverse nature, friendly locals and strong traditions in fishing. Mass tourism hasn’t touched the small island, so it still has wonderful and lonely sandy beaches. Prangli pine forests create enough fresh air to overwhelm the senses. Come and visit this beautiful Estonian island.

PRICE INCLUDES: transfers to port and back to city, sightseeing tour, guide service, truck tax, church visit, set lunch, ferry tickets.

PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: 8.00 am at your hotel or Tallinn Tourist Information Centre.

LANGUAGES: English, Finnish, German, Spanish.

Watch a video featuring Prangli Island:


Enjoy a comfortable transfer along Tallinn’s seaside to Leppneeme harbour for an introduction to Estonia’s coastal life-style and Prangli Island

Prangli Island is the only northern Estonian island that has been continuously inhabited for more than 600 years. It still has a very strong fishing tradition, its own dialect of the Estonian language, diverse nature and friendly locals. First, the transfer takes you to the Viimsi peninsula and Leppneeme harbour, from where we will take a ferry to the island (1 hour).

Discover Prangli Island on an open-top truck or jeep

Touring around in an open-top soviet-type truck or jeep might not be the most comfortable, but it’s surely the most fun way to discover all the important sites that this small island (6.44 km2) has to offer. The most common themes that come up during the guided tour are the historical background of the coastal-folk and the islanders, and the stories and legends explaining the various sites and their lifestyle. The sightseeing tour takes about 2.5 hours and covers a small open-air museum, church, nature reserve and a natural gas grill etc. Strange, but true, the weather is usually much better on the island than it is on the mainland.

Taste local food

Depending on the group size and the day we will organize the lunch for you in either a touristic farm or at the seaside restaurant. Both venues offer island specialities.

Admire islands natural beauty

After lunch you will have a few hours to explore the island on your own. Prangli is untouched by mass tourism, and has wonderful sandy beaches and pine forests that create enough fresh air to overwhelm the senses. In the villages the atmosphere is authentic which feels like being in an open-air museum.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • take your time and stay on the island, we are happy to pre-book accommodation at a tourist farm or arrange beach camping;
  • You can rent a bike from the harbour while you have spare time after lunch and take a bike-ride to go swimming in the summer or mushroom picking in the autumn;
  • You can also take time out to taste local drinks at the small harbour café;
  • and for groups there are plenty of additional incentive and active programs available.

Prices for Prangli Island Day Trip

Number of participants:Price per person:Children (4-12  years) 
1198 euros198 euros
2-399 euros49 euros
4-779 euros39 euros
8 and more69 euros29 euros

Tour Reviews

29. Nov 2018

We experienced the island the way only Estonians do
We wanted to visit an Estonian island, so we decided to book the Prangli Island tour with Prangli Travel. The experience was amazing, every second was worth it. The island was beautiful and quiet this time of the year. We were told we were brave to visit in November, but at the end I think we were lucky because we experienced the island the way only Estonians do. Helen, our guide, was incredibly nice and she gave us useful insight about Prangli and Estonia. We had an amazing day!

31. Aug 2018

Prangli Island day trip
I went on the Prangli Island day trip with Kristiina and had the most lovely day! The island is super pretty and peaceful and the guide was very professional and also great to talk to. 🙂 She told many interesting stories about the island, which has been continuously inhabited for about 600 years. That and riding on the back of a pick-up truck to see places I couldn’t reach by foot made the day much more special than if I had gone there by myself. We visited quite a few interesting sights in the morning, from the tower of a cute wooden church to a natural gas source (where I could blow the fire out myself, haha) and even picked some delicious berries on the way. Lunch was tasty and took place in a beautiful scenery. After that I had about 3 hours to explore the island by myself, walking around and enjoying the views. Totally recommend it!

24. Jul 2018

Peaceful Estonian island
Very peaceful island with a taste of what island life must be like. It was interesting to learn about the history and geography of the island and discover some tranquil spots of coastland.

18. Jul 2018

The Serenity of Prangli Island
We (myself + wife) had an amazing visit, many thanks to our Prangli Travel tour guide Berit who was exceptionally warm and welcoming and who spoke from her personal/ intimate connect with Prangli island, having worked on the island as a school teacher. The small group size was perfect and helped us strike friendly conversations not just with Berit but also our fellow travellers, who like Berit were local Estonians and extremely warm in their demeanor and sharing.

14. Jul 2018

Day Trip to a beautiful Estonian Island
It was a great trip and you really cared for the perfect weather. 🙂

13. Apr 2018

Thank you very much Prangli Travel!
We had great time with you. Very interesting and beautiful Estonian island and great people.

30. Aug 2017

Day in wonderful Prangli!
It was my third time in Prangli, but this time with 30 guests all over the Europe. We had a great day with a very comprehensive tour on the island and excellent local summer lunch. Absolutely recommended.

30. Aug 2017

Peaceful Prangli island
We had a day trip to Prangli island with family. In spite of a bit of rain, we had a wonderful time! Our tour guide, Kristiina gave a thorough history of the island and the Estonian cultural traditions. The amazing thing is that on this island was built one of the smallest Estonian wooden church, the St. Laurentius. It was quite interesting to listen to the legend how a chapel used to stand on the same spot long time ago. Prangli is the most peaceful island I’ve ever been! It is an off-the beaten path to anyone who would like to get closer to nature!

1. May 2017

Weekend on Prangli Island 2017
We wanted to thank you for your help, cooperation, and everything. Before I thought that Ruhnu island is the most silent and calm inhabited island in Estonia, but now we see Prangli as the same, and so close to Tallinn.

7. Jul 2016

Day trip to Prangli
Prangli island is quite small (around 130 inhabitants living in 3 small villages), but it makes the island charming. It’s a great place to spend one or two days: hiking around the island and along beaches, swim in the Baltic Sea (water is maybe colder than in Tallinn, Haapsalu or Parnu, but is much cleaner!), rest in almost deserted beaches (sandy or covered with stones and boulders).

21. Jul 2015

Prangli Island Day Trip
A sea trip of about an hour gets you to a place that time seems to have by passed. The island is out of this world. Peaceful and quiet, but small enough to do in a day. To camp over night would take the visitor to another place…..and the history and museum all help to make the trip worth while.

28. Jun 2015

A beautiful Estonian island
An hour ferry ride not to far from Tallinn takes you to a small natural world of forests, a church, local school, museum, community centre, souvenir shop, historical cemetery – what an island offers and needs, ah and a gas tube (!) and many other little unexpected sights. One wishes to just stay longer than only for a day. Carmen my guide really knows the island and its spirit and interesting history.
Thank you very much! TÄNAN!!!

15. Jul 2014

Day Trip from Tallinn to Prangli island
We are soooo happy! Its been a wonderful day in our lives. Thanks to Berit and Valter again! Berit is a very nice guide and she talked so good english so everybody could understand!

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