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Estonia’s Bogs and Sauna Tour

During the tour we visit the biggest natural waterfall in Estonia, take a bog walk in Viru raba and experience a traditional Estonian sauna. On the way to Viru bog we tell stories about Estonia’s nature and history. Going to sauna, is something that Estonians still do very often, the real experience would be to try it in the Estonian way –  jumping into the snow after heating yourself up in in a typical small wooden sauna. The day ends with a traditional Estonian dinner at the ecotourism Kuusiku Nature Farm.

PRICE INCLUDES: personal pick-up and return from your hotel, guide service, transport.


PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: hotel, as agreed.



Explore the bogs and watchtowers to capture the best pictures of this mystical landscape

It takes about 1 hour to drive to Viru bog, one of the most visited bogs in Estonia. If something goes wrong, Estonians say: ‘it has gone to the bog’. Old tales and some real stories have given birth to scary stories about the bogs. People were afraid of losing their way in a foggy bog and being led into the quagmire by will-o’-the-wisp. Don’t worry, we will guide you on absolutely safe trails through this mystical landscape showing the beauty of its specific fauna, extremely clean bog pools and hollows and explore watch towers to capture the best pictures. A walk in the bog lasts from 1-2 hours depending on what route we choose.

Drop by Palmse manor and admire the primeval forests in Lahemaa National Park

Continuing our tour in Lahemaa National Park we drop by Palmse manor, one of the best known manor houses in Estonia and past the primeval forests of the National Park. On our way to Kuusiku farm we explain more about the natural treasures of Lahemaa including interesting facts about Estonian wildlife, the forests and nature in general.

Experience an Estonian sauna

Going to sauna, is something that Estonians still do very often. In the countryside a sauna is usually a small cosy separate log-house and you have a chance to go to exactly this style of sauna. There is saying that a sauna for Estonians and Finns is same as going to church is for Christians. The sauna is not just about getting clean but it also has a restorative action on the body. Sometimes it can seem quite a sadomasochistic activity to some tourists to shut in a hot room until total sweating, to strike themselves with whisks (birch or juniper branches) until the skin is red and then to jump into the snow or a lake, but you have to experience it, in order to have your own opinion about this practice.

Enjoy a traditional Estonian dinner in an ecofarm

The day ends with a traditional Estonian dinner at the ecotourism Kuusiku Nature Farm.
The farm has a cosy and natural atmosphere. The food offered is local and traditional Estonian including organic ingredients. It is necessary to pre-order the food (minimum 6 persons) before taking the tour, because it’s specially made for you!

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • swim in the bog-lakes;
  • jump in the snow after a sauna;
  • ask us to bring you some Estonian hand-crafted beer for you to taste after sauna (extra prices apply).

Prices for Estonia’s Bogs and Sauna Tour

Number of participants:Price per person:Children 4-12 years:
5-789 euros49 euros
8 and more79 euros39 euros