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Seal-Watching Trip – one of a kind nature tour in Estonia

The Baltic Sea has been home for seals for about 10 000 years, they are biggest water mammals in this region. We invite you to join our seal watching nature tour near Malusi islands – the natural retreat for seals. We reach the islands by a larger boat, departing from one of the north coast’s lovely port villages Kaberneeme. Seals are curious animals – usually they swim nearby the boat within minutes. To encourage the seals to come out and meet us, we use a clever lure: classical music! On our trip we talk about the smaller islands on our way to Malusi and talk about the seals every day life. Come with us to admire seals – one of a kind nature tour in Estonia. See you!

Things we do on the trip:

  • have a boat ride to Malusi islands;
  • listen to the stories about old traditions on the North coast of Estonia;
  • lure the curious seals with music;
  • understand better the life of seals in the Baltic Sea;
  • enjoy the company of the curious grey seals – the biggest Baltic Sea mammals;
  • always consider the welfare of the seals.

PRICE INCLUDES: guide service, motor-boat trip from Kaberneeme harbour to the Malusi Islands.

Pick-up and drop-off to your location in Tallinn can be ordered extra.

PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: as agreed – your accommodation or Kaberneeme harbour


Watch a video of our seal-watching tour or this video of a private seal-watching tour.

NB! We do regular seal-watching tours from July to September. More information HERE!

You can also order private seal watching tours starting from Prangli Island, join our Prangli Island Daytrips!


Transfer to Leppneeme or Kaberneeme - not included!

Our seal-watching trips do not include transfers to the north coast ports. You can order the transfer separately. Please let us know if you would like to have the price.
Private tours reach the islands by a motor boat from Leppneeme or Kaberneeme, but when joining our regular tours (see special offers) we offer sea-trips by a bigger boat from one of the north coast’s loveliest port villages Neeme.

Enjoy a sea-journey in the Kolga archipelago and on to the Malusi Islets

Grey seals live on low islets without vegetation or reefs that are located far from the mainland shore and human settlements. In the Estonian north coast islets there are some places were the largest mammals in Baltic Sea can enjoy their life. On our way (about 1 hour) to the islets we pass a beautiful archipelago and will tell you stories about population on the islands before WWII, the Baltic Sea and coastal folk-traditions. We recommend you wear warmer clothes on the sea (certainly a jacket) as even in summer it can be cold.

Experience seals-watching, with music

Seals are curious animals, usually they swim close to the boat. To encourage the seals to come out and meet us we use a clever lure: classical music! Sometimes we are lucky enough to not only see them to pop-up their heads from the sea but also lying on rocks near the islets. We lend our guests binoculars in case we cannot get close enough to see the seals.

Get to know more about the history of Estonian coastal-folk, grey seals and the Baltic Sea

On our way back you are welcome to ask all the questions you want about the seal’s habitat, breeding and protection etc.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • bring a musical instrument with you or just sing during the tour and find out if seals like your music;
  • spend more time in the coastal areas and let us pre-book a nice lunch or dinner for you in the best fish restaurant in North-Estonia, Ruhe.

Prices for Seal-Watching Trip

Number of participants: Price:
Private groups of 2-6 people with smaller motorboat Price per group: 495 euros
Regular tours available from July to September 2024 on every Sunday at 9:00 from Tallinn Tourist Information centre (Kullassepa 4) Price per person:
adult 67€; child 7-12 y.0 37€, child up to 6 y.o 17€
NB! Tours do not include transfer from Tallinn to the port. Regular tours transfer 20€ per person one way.
Private tours transfer price on request.

Tour Reviews

4. Sep 2023

We had a great experience with your company on our seal, watching trip last Sunday. Even though the seals weren’t plentiful, we still had a great time. Especially with your guide, Helena, who was not just very knowledgeable and gave us great tips, but also made our kids feel very welcome on board. It is definitely a trip that is worth it and we will recommend it highly to our friends and colleagues.

7. Aug 2023

We went on the seal watching cruise and it was awesome!
The weather was nice, we got to see seals and our guide, Triin was very interesting and knowledgeable about Estonian Islands, History and seals.

7. Sep 2020

I really enjoyed the seal watching tour. Liina was fantastic.

26. Aug 2020

Seal spotting tour in Estonia
Nice tour! Going on the boat to the sea, with the small islands, the wind and the shining sun – this was already charming itself. We were in a real wild nature with many birds like cormorants and eagles, and, of course, the seals. The seals were curious about us and cautious at the same time, keeping some distance from our boat but close enough to enjoy watching at them. With interesting guidance, this was one of the most beatiful experiences during our one week travelling in Estonia.

2. Aug 2020

Seal spotting near Malusi Islands in Estonia
Take your binoculars, windproof jacket and of course, if you have it, a camera! Let me say, it is a nature tour so do not expect seals to give you a special performance next to you 😜 Thank you Prangli Travel for this wonderful Sunday! 🤗

27. Jul 2020

Unique nature tour in Estonia – Seal spotting
Last year I found out that it’s possible to go on a seal watch here in Estonia. Didn’t think twice and got the tickets! I loved this little seal exploration trip so much! Thank you @pranglitravel for organizing trips like this and sharing the knowledge! 💙 We were taken by the boat to the area of small remote islands. The first thing I noticed were the bird islands covered with countless cormorants. Soon I started to notice little heads peeking at us from the water… Seals are very curious animals by their nature, so they quickly came closer to our boat to check who are we (these seals are wild animals, they are not fed by people etc). The main seals who live in Estonian waters are gray seals. They can weigh up to 300 kg. Gray seals are predators and feed themselves by catching cod. Years ago it was possible to see three types of seals here, now it’s only one. Mostly because of the heavy ship traffic and the fact that there is no sea ice during the winter. We are not on this planet alone, it’s time to understand that and start living in harmony with nature and other species. This way we can maintain all this breathtaking beauty.🙏

2. Sep 2019

The seals in Estonia are curious
20-30 seals were eager to come and find out who we were, once we had reached Malusi Islands. That is how it works – they are watching us and vice versa. We had a wonderful guide called Triin with us, she explained our plan for the tour as well as told us about the life on small islands on the way to Malusi and the life of the seals in Estonia.

30. Jul 2019

The seal spotting tour was one of the highlights of our trip! I have told all my friends about it, and now they want to go to Tallinn, too. Thanks so much for providing us such an authentic and memorable experience!

29. Jul 2019

Private seal-watching tour
Everything was perfect!
Thanks a lot!

2. Jul 2019

Seal watching was incredible
The seals were amazing. The seals welfare was always considered, we did not disturb them, stayed well away, and they came swimming to the boat, curious to see what we were doing. Some did, anyway, others were much happier discussing ownership of the best sunning rocks, or just pushing each other off rocks. They were grey seals, incidentally, and I now know much more about their lives, their needs, and why there are colonies of ringed seals also found in the Baltic.

30. Aug 2017

The seals were amazing!
The seals welfare was always considered, we did not disturb them, stayed well away, and they came swimming to the boat, curious to see what we were doing. Some did, anyway, others were much happier discussing ownership of the best rocks, or just pushing each other off rocks. They were grey seals, incidentally, and I now know much more about their lives, their needs, and why there are colonies of ringed seals also found in the Baltic.

8. Aug 2017

Perfect place for seal-watching. We also took a video.

12. Oct 2016

Seal watching
We visited Estonia in August and made the Tours to the Seals and Prangli Island with Prangli Travel. We highly recommend this tours. Everything was perfectly organized. We have been contacted per mail and then shortly before the pick up in Tallinn per sms – which was a really good service – and we had a lot of fun with our tour guide. She told us many interesting facts about Estonia – about history, the people, the wildlife, everything we wanted to know. My favorite is the seals tour. The Captain indeed stayed in respectful distance to the seals, so we did not disturb them at all – but they came close to the boat by themselves and watched us. That was amazing. They are so cute <3 . When I come back to Estonia I will do the tours again, it was such a great time!

12. Oct 2016

Petit Fute
Seal watching trip was amazing! This journey opened for us a lot of new sides of nature of Estonia and of it’s people. Peep was so nice retranslating the information in english for us even though we were the only foreigners.
I can say without any exaggeration that this expirience was one of the most brightful for us.

18. Sep 2016

Private trip to seals
Thank you for a great trip full of positive emotions!

18. Sep 2016

Day with seals
I strongly suggest! The guide was super and a it was a great experience in so many ways!

18. Sep 2016

Regular seal watching
I had a most wonderful time on a seal watching tour arranged by Prangli Travel. I learned so many interesting facts about seals, nature and history of small islands we passed by on our trip. The boat ride was fun and even in spite of the fact that we saw less seals than usually can be seen, it was a real quality time. Thank you, Prangli Travel!

19. Jul 2016

Seal watching
It was a great trip with the spectacular guide!

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