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Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park, just east of Tallinn, is a place of breathtaking landscapes and unspoilt nature – beautiful peninsulas and bays, forests and beaches, waterfalls and bogs seasoned with rich cultural history. This day trip is perfect for spending a day out of Tallinn and is designed to show you the beauty of the area in every season.

Things we do on the day trip:

  • visit the Jägala waterfall (frozen in wintertime), highest natural waterfall in Estonia;
  • have a nature walk in a mystical bogan important place in every Estonian’s heart;
  • search for beaver tracks in the primeval forest of Oandu;
  • explore the historic Altja fishing village;
  • visit romantic Sagadi manor.

PRICE INCLUDES: personal pick-up and return from your hotel, guide service, transport.


PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: hotel, as agreed.

LANGUAGES: English, Russian.


An introduction to Lahemaa National Park, the land of bays and forests

It only takes an hour to drive from Tallinn to Lahemaa. The tour takes you to the oldest national park in Estonia, the most popular destination for day trippers staying in Tallinn. Lahemaa means “the land of bays” and as the name says it’s valued because of the natural beauty of its coastal landscape. The park itself covers a huge area of protected primeval forest, small rivers and a number of hiking trails. Whilst it definitely isn’t a zoo, it is famous for its rich wildlife. On our way to Lahemaa we also drop by Jägala waterfall.

Learn about Estonian life in rural areas. Discover the flora and fauna on a forest trail

Our first stop is at Sagadi Manor, which helps us explain how German land-owners came to live in the Estonian countryside for centuries and give you some information about life outside of Tallinn, both in the past and the present. Today the manor contains a nice restaurant (an option for a lunch break) and forestry museum. Afterwards, a visit to the Beaver Trails gives you an opportunity to search for animal tracks, see the fauna and wildlife, understand the importance of forests in Estonian culture and traditions.

Explore Estonian coastal areas visiting an old fishing village and the seaside

Altja village is unique because it represents the architecture and style of our fishing villages, as they were before the border zone was established along Estonia’s coastline during soviet times. Taking a walk to the seaside you can get different emotion in every season, with: a nice sandy beach for swimming in summer, a powerful stormy sea in autumn, and a frozen sea to walk on in winter. Altja tavern is open for Estonian farm food lovers during the summer season.

Go for a walk in the bog

On our way back to Tallinn, we take a walk in Viru bog. A bog is a wetland landscape with a thick peat layer. There are limited types of vegetation adapted to this environment, bog pools and hollows. Besides the refreshing and safe walk you will also hear stories about Estonian beliefs and folklore related to the bogs.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • when it´s winter, ask us to visit Jägala frozen waterfalls, make snow angels, find wild animals tracks, and walk on a frozen river or sea-ice;
  • when it´s summer, hug trees, pick and taste wild berries, swim in the refreshing Baltic Sea or in a bog lake;
  • visit the forest and/or main house museum in Sagadi manor to get an even deeper understanding of the forests in Estonia and peek into the history-rich lives of manor landlords (fee not included in the trip price).
  • spend more time in Lahemaa and let us book a cosy manor boutique hotel or nature farm accommodation for you and find more activities you might enjoy (e.g. longer hikes study-trails, rent a bicycle, visit an ecospa, or go on a birdwatching tour).

Prices for Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park

Special Offer price: 

 79 euros per person on a regular day trip. Everyday until 28th of February.

Starting in front of Tallinn Tourist Information Center at 9.30 am. Book the tour at least 1 day before. Thank you!

Private tour prices / from March on:

Number of participants:Price per person:
1218 euros
2-3109 euros
4-589 euros
6-769 euros
8 and more59 euros

Tour Reviews

21. Nov 2017

Day in Lahemaa
Very positive experience with a prepared and open tour guide Kristiina.

11. Oct 2017

Good Trip! Really friendly and adorable guide as well! Thanks Annika!
Really nice trip in beautiful Lahemaa Estonia. We trully enjoyed the bog and the fisherman’s village. The waterfall is “properly saying” not part of the park but offers nice pics, though.
Our private guide Annika was really lovely, adorable and instructive! Thanks again Annika!

3. Sep 2017

A perfect tour
Thank You Annika and Peep for making us fall in love with Tallinn. We booked the Lahemaa tour and even had enough time to shop for souvenirs in Old Town within our cruise short layover. Highly recommended!

23. Jul 2017

Lahemaa tour
I would like to say, that we were very happy we took a guided tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable, cheerful and always had some interesting fact or story on hand. Not to mention her enthusiasm and good mood. We really relaxed during this tour and enjoyed it very much.
I can recommend this tour to everyone, since the distance walked is not so huge and you will see a lot of interesting places during one day.
If we had chosen to visit Lahemaa on our own, it would be half the fun, so big thanks to Prangli travel and Kristiina for an awesome day.

12. Mar 2017

Lahemaa National Park tour
Coordinator was helpful, and it was really nice day full of joy and laughter. We will not visit these places without a tour coordinator help. Although the travel agency planned the whole tour, I suppose the experience is highly influenced by the tour guide. Our tour guide was a real expert! We are not English native speakers, she helped us gain knowledge of Estonia, and waited patiently when we discussed in mother tongue.

7. Feb 2016

Winter Tour to Lahemaa
We had a fantastic day-really enjoyed getting into the countryside and your guides were really friendly.

5. Jan 2016

Lahemaa trip
Carmen had a tough task on her hands! We were due to go on a husky ride but with no snow anywhere in Estonia we opted for the Lahemaa National Park day trip. Early morning rain tried to dampem our spirits at the Jagala waterfall but by the time we have reached the Altja fishing village the rain was gone and we could enjoy the beautiful landscape. A special stop at the Kasmu Captians village museum and our search for the beavers made this day one to remember. A huge thank you to Carmen – she is passionate about her country and it shows. We would love to see more!

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