Here in Estonia we simply love our saunas… Sitting in the hot steam naked with your friends and time to time hitting each other with branches of birch trees – what’s not to like? It sounds simple and understandable for the locals, but is confusing for the visitors. So, here is a simple overview

Lahemaa – a sensation among visitors coming to Tallinn and realising that in a country of only 1.3 million people, untouched nature is just a few steps away from the busy capital. Since the first companies started to take people to Lahemaa National Park and tourists started to share their experiences on TripAdvisor, there were

In Estonia we have 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summers are warm while winters are described as fairly severe with snow, hail and ice. Read more about the weather in Estonia here. While seasons wary widely there are a few things you should keep in mind when coming to tours in Estonia. Here's
The winter is over, the sun is in the sky and the birds are chirping again after several months of winter silence. The grass becomes greener and greener every day and the flowers are blossoming. All these smells and sounds of the spring… Nature is awakening, bringing tons of new discoveries every day. What to
During winter time, Prangli Travel offers several winter tours in Estonia including ice-skating on forest lakes, cross country skiing, visiting the frozen Jägala waterfall and much more. However, today we’ll have a closer look at the Husky Park tour with dog sledding. Warning! If you’re not ready for some drop dead adorable pictures and a

Our small company is expanding every year. We have more and more fantastic tour guides, new and entertaining tours and thrilled clients. Last summer, almost by accident and by a tiny misunderstanding, we started to offer tours in Spanish. It grew like a snowball. It turns out that Prangli Travel is quite good at conducting

In 2018 Estonia is celebrating its 100th anniversary - EV100. In this blog we introduce beautiful places, activities and things to do in Estonia, so you'd have a chance to spend your days here to the fullest and celebrate with us. Even though our capital is rather small compared to other European cities, there is