Tours in Estonia: know before you go!

Freedom Square. Winter in Tallinn Estonia. K. L. Koppel

In Estonia we have 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summers are warm while winters are described as fairly severe with snow, hail and ice. Read more about the weather in Estonia here. While season wary widely there are a few things you should keep in mind when coming to tours in Estonia. Here’s a little overview of how to prepare yourself for a comfortable holiday. 

How to prepare for tours in Estonia?

  • For winter tours please remember to wear clothes according to Estonian winter (it may be colder than you think). A warm winter coat, winter boots, gloves and hat are something that keep you from freezing and let you enjoy the activity without worrying. Please leave behind your spring/summer clothes, sneakers, shoes with high heels etc. Remember to dress warm!
Husky park tour in Estonia
Warm winter jacket, hats, gloves and winter boots will help you enjoy the winter activities in Estonia.


Dress warm and enjoy the winter tours in Estonia to the fullest!
  • For bog-walking tours in every season please wear comfortable somewhat waterproof boots
Tours in Estonia. Wear comfy boots.
Comfy and waterproof boots help you keep your toes dry!


  • For maritime tours in Estonia (Prangli Island Day Trip and Seal Watching) please be prepared for a bit windier weather and take your jacket and hat with you. On the coastal areas and at the sea the temperature is lower than on the mainland.


Learn to ski in Tallinn

  • Cross-country skiing generates much more body heat than other winter activities we offer. Moderate level of physical fitness is generally required but can vary with the individual.
  • The key to a comfy cross-country skiing is to wear several light layers. This way you provide more warmth and flexibility than one heavy layer would.
  • The best is a three-layer system: start with tight-fitting base layer, then wear a full-zip fleece and outer waterproof/breathable shell. Avoid bulky layers!
  • Wear a hat! Wool or fleece beanie is perfect. Headbands also work great to keep your ears warm.
  • Wear gloves! Perfect would be 2 layers – thin gloves and a bit thicker ones on top, should the temperatures drop. As it gets warmer or colder, simply remove or add the layers.
  • Wear smooth pants or tights. Thick down-hill skiing pants are not suitable, they are just too warm.
  • We provide the skis, poles and special skiing boots. Helmets are not necessary. Cross-country skiing is much safer than down-hill skiing.
  • Our instructors will take good care of you. Happy skiing!
Cross-country skiing is the best with several thin layers.
Cross-country skiing is the best with several thin layers.

See you on day trips from Tallinn with Prangli Travel!

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