Spending a night on the island in Estonia. Brand new Villa of Nature Energy is waiting for you on Prangli Island!

Accommodation. Prangli Island. Estonia

Spending a night on the island in Estonia? Prangli is a small island and a natural oasis between Estonia and Finland that has been inhabited for many hundreds of years and has its own traditions and culture. The island has around 70 people living there all-year round and many more visitors in the summer season that are attracted to sail to the island or simply take a ferry to visit its pristine beaches, pine forests, and majestic boulders and learn more about its curious history.

©Meeli Laidvee. Spending a night on the island in Estonia

Prangli island has been inhabited throughout its long history, even during the Soviet occupation, the people of Prangli are warm and hospitable towards everyone and you can learn a lot about their unique culture and traditions during a few days on the island. Prangli is definitely worth visiting for more days than one, for a long weekend or why not even a full week to be able to relax completely!

After taking the ferry for an hour from Tallinn, you can start by exploring the harbour which is the heart of the small island where you will be greeted by locals and visitors alike. The harbour boasts small cafes, a house of local handicrafts and information. A short walk away, the Prangli restaurant on the seaside offers delicious food and a comfortable atmosphere in the pine forest with a sea view, open in the summer season. The villages of Idaotsa and Lääneotsa (East End and West End, respectively) offer a peek into the local lifestyle that has maintained many of its traditions through hundreds of years, with a touch of modern now as well. Not a long walk away is the Prangli Church with its own legends and traditions to discover, as well as many remains of the Soviet-era and World War II.

©Meeli Laidvee. Prangli Church in western part of Prangli Island.

During the summer seasons, there are many events on Prangli, one of the most famous ones being the traditional Fisherman’s Day in July, celebrated in many communities around coastal Estonia, that you should not miss. Concerts on the island mean that the whole band will come on the ferry with their instruments. Another magical events of the Nordic summer not to miss is the Midsummer celebration, where the whole village will gather for a bonfire and a night of dancing and celebrations.

Prangli’s real treasure is its peace and quiet and the calm and tranquil ways of life that take you away from the bustle and hustle of everyday life and stress. In order to really relax and rest, there is now a wonderful new accommodation opportunity on Prangli island, especially for larger groups – Villa of Nature Energy.

Only a short walk from the Prangli harbour, Villa of Nature Energy sits on the seaside and includes a breathtaking sea view from its bedrooms and terrace, even in the winter.

©Meeli Laidvee. Villa of Nature Energy. Spending a night on the island in Estonia

©Meeli Laidvee. Evening view from the Villa of Nature Energy. Spending a night on the island in Estonia

The brand-new Villa of Nature Energy has four bedrooms downstairs and a wonderful lounge with a sea view upstairs. The whole house is built from end to end with natural materials only and is energy-efficient so you will be taking care of nature just by staying there yourself! In the house, garbage is sorted and recycled carefully and electricity is produced from solar batteries. You can wake up to the sunrise with a sea view in one of the downstairs bedrooms and have your morning coffee on the terrace with the same breathtaking scenery – nowhere on the island can you be close to the seaside! (And don’t worry, the Baltic Sea is always in the same place with its very low and tide being barely noticeable). True relaxation, peace and quiet can be found in this seaside house for everyone – you can read, play games, cook together and have the best possible sleep. The house is perfect for larger groups (8 people), couples, and families, and includes accessibility options for disabled people as well, including a wheelchair lift.

©Meeli Laidvee. Second floor in the Villa of Nature Energy.

©Meeli Laidvee. Bedroom in Villa of Nature Energy.

Come to Prangli and experience everything yourself! Book your accommodation: booking@tallinndayrip.com.

More information about the house here.