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Tallinn Top Attractions and Viimsi Open Air Museum

  • Cover the hand-picked top attractions in Tallinn within one day
  • Discover the jewel and main highlight of Tallinn – its Medieval Old Town
  • Take a bus to the leafy Kadriorg district with wooden villas, art museums and a baroque-style palace
  • Visit Pirita seaside area, the ruins of a 15th-century convent and the city’s Soviet-era TV tower
  • Visit a complex of 150-year-old farmhouses in a picturesque coastal village in Viimsi Open Air Museum

If your goals is to get an overview of Tallinn, its surroundings, coasts and top attractions, this tour is perfect for you. Start with discovering Tallinn’s jewel and main highlight – the Medieval Old Town. Together with colourful legends, we will introduce you to the gabled houses, churches and squares that developed here between the 13th and 15th centuries. In medieval times Tallinn boomed as a key Hanseatic commercial hub. The tour includes visiting both the lower town and the upper town where you will see all the main attractions in the Old Town. The tour then continues by bus or car to the leafy Kadriorg district. It is a park area that is home to amazing wooden villas, art museums and a baroque palace built for Russian Tsar Peter the Great. It continues onward to the Pirita beach area, where you will get a glimpse of the mysterious ruins of a 15th-century convent and the city’s soviet-era TV tower. After lunch break you will visit the Open Air Museum in Viimsi which is a complex of seaside-farmhouses over 150 years old, which is located in a picturesque coastal village. It is a relaxing location and the best place to admire the famous silhouette of Tallinn.


PRICE INCLUDES: tour guide services, transfers by bus/minibus/car, entrance fees to the Open Air Museum.

FOR EXTRA CHARGE: lunch, entrance to Tallinn TV Tower.

PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: Tallinn Cruise Passengers Ports’ gate/hotel/as agreed.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Russian, German.


Explore Tallinn’s Old Town, the best-preserved medieval city centre in Northern Europe!

The Old Town is sometimes compared to an open-air museum presenting some of the best medieval architecture. We have plenty of stories to tell you, for example we have the answers as to why Tallinn limps, who Old Thomas is, how the devil himself celebrated weddings in the city and many more. Historic streets, courtyards and squares are all packed inside the 2 km long limestone city walls and present an authentic atmosphere and the reason why Old Tallinn is so loved by both and its citizens and its visitors.

Enjoy the bus tour through the modern city centre to Kadriorg

In Kadriorg, home to a baroque palace and a modern art museum, Kumu, we will stop to walk around and tell you how Kadriorg got its name, how it relates to Peter the Great and why it is the most visited green area in Tallinn. On the way to Pirita, we`ll pass the Song Festival Grounds, the legendary place where Estonians sang themselves to freedom in the late 1980s.

Admire Tallinn’s coastline and the famous 'sprat can' in Pirita

Most of the tourist leaflets and websites promoting Tallinn include at least one picture of the “sprat can” silhouetted against Tallinn’s skyline. On this tour we will make sure that you capture your own selfie capturing this famous panorama in either Pirita or Viimsi.
Tallinn boasts 46 km coastline and a vivid maritime history.  We take you along the eastern coastal promenade road to Pirita and the Viimsi peninsula.
On the way, we pass the famous Olympic yachting harbour and centre, as well as the TV tower, both built for the 1980  Moscow Olympics. There is also St. Bridget’s Convent to see, and it was this medieval structure gave name to the area known as Pirita.

Visit Viimsi and the Open Air museum

The sea defines the character of Viimsi. Here, embraced by the sea, coastal dwellers have lived for centuries. Their possessions and artefacts of their lives are displayed in the Viimsi Open Air museum, which we will visit during our tour. During the soviet era, Viimsi was a part of the heavily-controlled border zone, which was closed to non-residents of the peninsula. Despite that, a very successful collective fishing farm – the Kirov fishing kolkhoz – operated in the area.  We will tell you about the border zone rules and what life was like here during the soviet times.

Prices for Tallinn Top Attractions and Viimsi Open Air Museum

For families with children we usually offer discounted price. Please ask more information.

Number of participants: Price per person:
2-3 150 euros
4-7 125 euros
8 and more on request

Tour Reviews

14. Feb 2023

I just spent an amazing day with Jorge! From history to art to contemporary Tallinn, he was a wealth of information. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!!

12. Sep 2022

Very enjoyable tour! Nele was super informative, and was an amazing guide.

29. Aug 2022

A personal view of the area.
We had a great tour the day before and when Paul again stepped out of the car we knew it would be great. Since he knew what we saw yesterday he was able to skip that and make our day our own. In a nice van we drove all over the area. We saw the forest and the sea. He made sure we got a special day in Tallinn. If you can afford the extra money the small group tours are worth it. Lunch outside at an old pub Paat. The coutry side tour was beautiful. We paid a bit extra and went to the radio tower observation deck too. A great day again.

3. Aug 2022

I booked this as a surprise for my sister! Our tour guide Dea was punctual and delightful, she gave us a very informed tour of the entire city, was always smiling and adjusting to our needs and even took us to play with the small sheep at the open air museum!
I completely recommend 🙂

18. Aug 2019

All day tour of Tallinn’s Attractions and Viimsi Open Air Museum
We only had one day to explore Tallinn, so we wanted to make the most of it. We are so grateful that we booked a tour with Marit as our guide. She planned the day based on our interests, and she did a perfect job! She gave us a wonderful walking tour of the Old Town before driving us out to the site of the 1980 Olympic sailing events and the historic TV Tower. We had a lovely lunch at a restaurant overlooking the water, and then spent quite a bit of time at the Viimsi Open Air Museum. We were sorry when the day came to an end. Marit’s knowledge and language skills are outstanding!

14. Jun 2019

Our guide was extremely personable and knowledgeable.

3. Jun 2019

Excellent. Thanks to the guide!

7. Jul 2017

Tallinn Top Attractions Tour
Kristiina, it was a real pleasure to meet you and to enjoy your very professional service, which was provided by you in a enjoyable, charming and vivid way. All of us felt very comfortable and we got an excellent impression about Estonia as country as well as about its culture and especially its people. We gained within this short period of time a maximum of insights and you contributed a lot for achieving this. 
Thank you very much for this gorgeous day and  keep your optimistic habit.

2. Jul 2017

City Tour in Tallinn and Surroundings
Excellent service, engaged and highly motivated guide and thousand of insights into Estonia, its people and culture. A must for interested people, who want to discover the Baltic Sea countries. Prangli Travel provided a full service package and adapted the tour upon our needs. Easy to book via internet and punctual in pick-up and drop-off. We enjoyed it very much and can recommend their service highly.

22. Jun 2015

Tallinn top attractions + Viimsi Open Air Museum tour.
“Many, many thanks for excellent “guiding” around Tallinn. We very much
enjoyed our time with you. Outstanding choice of restaurant for lunch,too! And, many, many thanks for the assist with hotel reservations.”

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