8 things to do in Estonia in Spring – Day Trips from Tallinn

Things to do in Estonia in springtime

The winter is over, the sun is in the sky and the birds are chirping again after several months of winter silence. The grass becomes greener and greener every day and the flowers are blossoming. All these smells and sounds of the spring… Nature is awakening, bringing tons of new discoveries every day. What to do in Estonia in March, April or May? There are many ways to enjoy spring to the fullest. Here are eight things to do in Estonia in spring.


1. The best thing to do in springtime is to be outdoors

There are many beautiful places and national parks in Estonia. However, the closest one to Tallinn is Lahemaa National park with its hiking trails, old fishing villages, manor houses, shallow bays with huge boulders and old forests. You can also visit Jägala waterfall on your way there which is incredibly beautiful during spring as the water level is high from the snow melt. Spend a day out of Tallinn on the Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park and let our nature guide show you the first signs of spring. You might just fall in love with the slow and relaxed pace of life in Estonian nature.

© Carl-Martin Nisu – Jägala waterfall looks gorgeous in spring thanks to high water level

©Carl-Martin Nisu – See the first spring blossoms in Viru bog


©J. Leppmets - Visit Lahemaa National Park, Altja fishing village
©J. Leppmets – Visit Lahemaa National Park, Altja fishing village


2. Amble around Tallinn Old Town’s narrow medieval streets

Look how the local craftsmen are working in their studios blowing glass, doing ceramics. Pass cozy cafeterias, old book stores, restaurants and souvenir shops. The Tallinn Old Town walking tour with a local guide takes you to the most picturesque places as well as the secret corners only known to locals.

© Kadi-Liis Koppel – Town wall with beautiful red towers surrounding the Old Town

© Filippo Cesarini – View to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

©Simon Snopek – Find the best viewing platforms on a guided tour


3. Take your friends or family fishing in Estonian nature

Everyone knows about fishing, but still not everyone have tried it. Even if you have, each new lake, river or seaside gives a new experience to remember. If you are not convinced to pack your fishing gear for your vacation, we have you covered. Join our local fishing instructor who has packed all the equipment and is ready to give you the best tips. Spend some good time outdoors on the Fishing Tour to a Forest Lake from Tallinn.

©Prangli Travel – Spring is great time for going fishing


4. Explore the off-the-beaten path sights in Rummu

Estonia has been independent since 1991 and although with each year there are fewer places here that take you back to the Soviet time, some of these sights are worth exploring.  One of the most otherworldly site not far from Tallinn is the Rummu submerged quarry. For extracting limestone, labor from nearby prisoners was used in Rummu. There is still barbwire surrounding the sight from that time. Once the quarry closed, a lake formed from clear groundwater, now reflecting sun glitter on to the old Soviet buildings. Visit Rummu quarry as well as the northern coastal cliffs, Keila waterfall and abandoned military base on the Rummu Submerged Quarry Half-Day Tour.

Tour to Rummu Quarry
© Filippo Cesarini – Rummu quarry looks like out of this world


© Prangli Travel – The quarry offers many great photo opportunities

5. For more adventurous people – hiking and enjoying Estonian sauna on Prangli island.

Prangli island is near Tallinn and it takes about one hour by ferry to get there. The peaceful sandy beaches, pine forests and one of a kind traditional fishing villages are great to unwind. The island has many surprises you would not expect. For example the possibility to have a BBQ on an old natural gas drilling hole! To take the most out of Estonian culture, get naked in a traditional Estonian sauna and have a chat with your friends while relaxing in the heat. Seriously, the most comfortable place for Estonians to find friends is being butt naked in a steamy and hot sauna. Go figure! “Taking the heat” is also good for your health and even better with a bottle of beer to cool you down. If you are still confused, read more about Estonian sauna culture, or simply come on a Hiking Trip to Prangli Island!

©Kadi-Liis Koppel – Experience the nostalgic Estonian countryside life on Prangli Island


© Kadi-Liis Koppel – Hike along the beautiful seaside on Prangli Island


6. Build a stone tower in the beach.

A perfect thing to do on a day trip to Prangli island. If you’re lucky you might even get a slight tan. The spring Sun is not that strong so it’s perfect even for the lightest skin.

Estonian Islands to visit. Beautiful Prangli island close to Tallinn
© Prangli Travel – Estonian Islands to visit: beautiful Prangli island close to Tallinn.


7. One of a kind nature tour in Estonia – the seal watching tour starting from Tallinn

No, we do not go to the zoo to see the seals. We go on the Baltic sea on an actual boat to visit the seals at their home. The seals are also known as merihobune, merielukas, meremürakas, pikavurrudega kala (good luck learning these very useful Estonian words). Local seal hunters never called the seals after their real name because this would bring bad luck. See the seals lying on the stones, or their heads popping out of the sea to get a good look at you. These curious sea mammals adore classical music which we of course treat them with.

One of a kind nature tour in Estonia. Hey seals!
©Prangli Travel – Seal safari – one of a kind nature tour in Estonia


8. Visit the Husky Park and go cani-cross hiking with the huskies

Although huskies are more known as sled dogs, even without snow they love going for hikes and spend time with people. Being one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world while also having a thick and soft fur to protect them from cold makes them adorable mood-lifters. Visit them on the Tour to the Husky Park, learn more about the breed from the family running the park and go for a hike with your favorite husky. The hike itself is much easier than you would expect because the huskies naturally pull you and you will walk much faster than on a normal hike! You will leave in such a great mood that many have called visiting the huskies therapeutic.

©PrangliTravel – Check out our Tour to the Husky Park all-year-round


©SheTravelledtheWorld – Huskies love the visitors and want to play with everybody

Spring is a great time to be outdoors! If you are visiting Tallinn in spring, make sure to take the most out of your time here, explore the city and also the surrounding nature. Feel free to ask for recommendations from Prangli Travel.

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