Try out Estonian national sports – cross-country skiing

Try out Estonian national sports – cross-country skiing. Estonia has won most of its Olympic medals in weightlifting, wrestling and cross-country skiing. The joy about the first snow is as exciting as winning Olympic medal. The skies are ready and polished already from last spring and eagerly waiting for snow. Well-maintained, brightly-lit ski tracks in the Tallinn’s Pirita district provide the perfect place to learn this healthy pastime, and the setting- in the beautiful, pine-forested parks close to St. Bridget’s Convent– is breath-taking.

Our English-speaking instructor will make your ski experience fun, safe and easy. Everyone is welcome, no previous ski experience is needed! The pick up is from your hotel and tour lasts 3 hours.

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Did you know- Skiing started as a technique for traveling cross-country over snow on skis, starting almost five millennia ago with beginnings in Scandinavia.