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Lahemaa National Park has numerous bays and peninsulas, countless spectacular hiking trails, and many historical manor houses. Lahemaa is also loved for its beautiful waterfalls. Tucked in the deep forest you’ll find Valgejõgi (White River), Loobu river, and their three cascades – Vasaristi, Nõmmeveski, and Joaveski. In the wintry peace, we take on a longer hike and discover the icy art created by mother nature. It truly feels like you’ve found yourself in the Estonian Lapland. Keep an eye out for deer and water ouzel (dipper)!

  • Enjoy a short 1-hour drive from Tallinn to the hike start in Lahemaa National Park.
  • Hike in the  Estonian forest with a local guide.
  • Discover the beautiful cascades.
  • Hear the folk stories of Estonian nature, culture, history.
  • Look out for wildlife.

Hike distance: approx. 8-9 km.

In wintertime please wear warm and comfortable hiking boots and hiking clothes!

PRICE INCLUDES: transport to and from Tallinn, personal tour guide.

PICK UP: from Tallinn Tourist Information Centre or your hotel in Tallinn



Start our hike in Joaveski village

In a short 1-hour drive from Tallinn we reach a small village in Lahemaa National Park. Joaveski, situated in a naturally idyllic area, was first mentioned already in the year 1510. Centuries ago there used to be a small water mill that was owned by a local manor. In Joaveski you can find the ruins of a historical sawmill and also a hydroelectrical powerplant that’s still running today. We admire the peaceful village and our first waterfall at the start of our hike. Joaveski waterfall was changed from the previous 4-meter drop to a sequence of six cascades during the construction of the sawmill. 

Enjoy the primordial nature of Lahemaa National Park

We hike through the thick forests of Lahemaa National Park. We let ourselves be immersed in the natural beauty. Every now and then we pass some quaint farmhouses surrounded by powerful woods. We continue our way to the next waterfall. Read more about waterfalls near Tallinn here.

Explore Nõmmeveski waterfall

We have reached the next waterfall. Nõmmeveski waterfall has the highest flow rate of all the waterfalls in Lahemaa. The powerful Nõmmeveski is 1.2 m (4 ft) high, 17 m wide (56 ft) and the surroundings are just breathtaking. Foaming water and many cascades in a magical canyon create a primordial feel. Deeper in the canyon you’ll see ruins of an old hydroelectric power plant. Here you’ll get a taste of clean spring water. Fill up your bottles with healthy natural water! 

Hike to Vasaristi waterfall

We continue hiking in the woods. North-Estonia is relatively flat, yet on this stretch of the hike, we have a few beautiful hills to go up and down. We enjoy the surroundings walking on the edge of a peaceful canyon, making photo stops along the way, admiring the wildlife, listening to birds, having some snacks…

It is said that the Three Waterfall Hike in Lahemaa National Parks is like walking in Lapland nature. Vasaristi waterfall is a cute, small yet beautiful waterfall oftentimes left unnoticed among the others. Close by the stream disappears into natural sinkholes and flows underground for about 200 m. How amazing is that?! We make our way back to the start of our hike. Hiking in the Lahemaa National Park is truly reenergizing and one of the best activities to do in Estonia for any nature lover.


Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • Wear warm clothes as it can be chilly. Wear comfortable hiking shoes,
  • Take some snacks and water with you,
  • We can customize. If you wish to see more of Lahemaa Natural Park’s history and culture, let us know beforehand and we can spend the whole day there.
  • If you have more days in Tallinn, book Prangli Island Day Tour to see even more of Estonia’s unspoiled nature or look for some alternatives.

Prices for Hiking Lovers Tour in Lahemaa National Park

For families with children we usually offer discounted price. Please ask more information.

Number of participants: Price per person:
2 108 euros
3 79 euros
4 67 euros
5-6 55 euros
7-8 48 euros
9 and more on request

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2. Dec 2022

What would be the best than hiking at the weekend in the stunning nature of Lahemaa in winter?
11 kilometers of hiking through the snowy forest and discovering all the waterfalls. 
Thank you for being with us, Helen!

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