Founder and CEO

“Before founding Prangli Travel, I worked for a while in different fields of tourism and studied Business Management at university. I discovered Prangli Island when I was already a grown-up. In the last 15 years the island has become a home for me and my family. There are so many gorgeous places in North-Estonia, and I want to share the beauty of our country with all of our visitors.”


Others about Annika:

“The Captain of Prangli Travel, she is there for every single client and employee to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied.”


“Under her professional and attentive watch, our work is flawless and runs smoothly. She is like a wind that reaches everywhere. Plus, she has a very contagious and far-reaching laugh.”


 “An unbelievably efficient person. I don’t understand how is she able to organize and plan all of the work while at the same time managing to keep everything under control. She puts in a lot of effort and goes the extra mile!”


 ”A strong leader and teacher who is always cheerful and extremely patient.”

Annika. Founder
Annika's Favourite Tours

Hiking and Sauna Tour on Prangli Island

If hiking in Estonia is something for you then do it on Prangli island, a place yet to discover.

Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour

Step back into the pages of history and explore the passages, walls and buildings of Tallinn’s magical, medieval Old Town.

Estonia's Bogs and Sauna Tour

Enjoy the amazing landscape provided by Estonia's bogs and warm up afterwards in a traditional sauna.
5-6 h