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“Ending up working at Prangli Travel was a consequence of many things that I am very grateful for. The work suits me because I can do things and be in places where I could easily spend all my free time. The team still keeps surprising me every day and I can’t see the end of that any time soon. Many amazing and special people work here, each having their own cool quirks and thanks to that you can never get bored here.”


Others about Andreas:

“Andreas wins attention and the hearts of the clients thanks to his compassion and clarity. He is from an Estonian island himself and although it is a completely different one, Prangli island suits him perfectly. He loves sports but more importantly, he has the soul of an adventurer and a kind heart.”


“A soul of an adventurer who never sits in one place – not even a week would pass without Andreas getting his hands on some new adventure. He is friendly, helpful and a wonderful companion, both as a friend and as a tour guide. He has become the favorite person of the locals and the kids of Prangli Island alike. Already within the first week on Prangli, there were enough drawings of him to fill a book :)”


“Although Andreas may first seem like a quiet and calm Estonian guy, once you get to know him you will realise that he is the soul of the party and a world citizen. As he is well-travelled, he can find the right language and topic to talk to anyone. More than that, his sense of humour can save the day! In Prangli Travel he is our ‘hands on’ team member who has found his place in the team. Andreas has a fan club among young and old.”

Andreas's Favourite Tours

Hiking and Sauna Tour on Prangli Island

If hiking in Estonia is something for you then do it on Prangli island, a place yet to discover.


Prangli Island Day Trip

Visit this enchanting island, close to Tallinn, and enjoy its bio-diversity, unspoilt charm and unique heritage.


Estonia’s Bogs and Sauna Tour

Enjoy the amazing landscape provided by Estonia’s bogs and warm up afterwards in a traditional sauna.

5-6 h