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The Scandalous Medieval Tallinn Old Town Tour

Here’s a Tallinn Old Town walking tour with a twist. On the walk in the lower part of Tallinn Old Town, you’ll be amazed by the naughty side of medieval times.

  • The most vicious crimes, gruesome punishments, and medieval torture.
  • The ghastly life of the town executioner
  • Epic parties and drinking in Medieval Tallinn
  • Scandalous lovers, prostitutes, and bizarre church regulations and many more unheard stories!

Medieval Tallinn had different restrictions and rules of conduct than nowadays. Come and see Tallinn Old Town in completely another way!

PS! This walking tour is not suitable for children.

PRICE INCLUDES: guide service

TOUR START: Viru gates. Time as agreed.

TOUR END: Freedom square



Discover bizarre norms and regulations of Medieval Tallinn

It’s difficult to find a house or a street in Tallinn Old Town that
doesn’t have a fascinating story about its past. What happened to all Hanseatic League salesmen after one poor Russian lad from Sauna Street thought it’s okay to have some “fun time” with a horse? Or what kind of positions in bed were allowed by the church? What did the church think of condoms, prostitution, and virgins? Were housemaids with benefits a norm? You’ll find answers to all these questions and you’ll hear many more bizarre stories of medieval Tallinn norms and regulations.

Learn about Dominican Monastery as the stronghold of godliness and epic parties of the Great Guild

While medieval times were somewhat chaotic then monasteries were the strict heavenly places of godliness. For a monk, even looking at a woman on a street was considered a sin, not to mention other ungodly acts. Surprisingly, the monks were the medieval “therapists” whose advice about worldly problems was highly valued by the local townspeople. How did the lonely catholic fanatics turn the Dominican Monastery into a thriving business? And the most important question – where were the most epic parties held in Tallinn? What happened when
the parties went a little overboard and a fight broke loose in the Great Guild? And how to get rid of guests at a medieval wedding party?

Hear about the medieval punishments and gruesome murders in Tallinn

There used to be a prison just behind the Town Hall, yet the most
gruesome murderers were sentenced to torture and death. And the lonely town executioner had to deal with all this dark side of humanity. Learn, what got you tied up on a pillory for public humiliation on the Town Hall Square? Might someone get killed for lousy cooking? Who was buried alive as a punishment? Why was Lonni from Dunkri street murdered? Come to the Scandalous Medieval Tallinn Old Town Tour and find all the answers you’ve been looking for.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • let us give you hints on where to find the most authentic Estonian handicraft shops and restaurants serving Estonian food;

Prices for The Scandalous Medieval Tallinn Old Town Tour

Number of participants: Price per person:
1 82 euros
2-3 43 euros
4 33 euros
5-10 23 euros
11 and more on request