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“Working in Prangli Travel gives me the opportunity to travel in a unique way. While I show people all the different places in Estonia, I also hear stories from around the world from other travellers, and this helps me to experience places where I have never even been. I learn as much from our clients as they do when I show them around our country.”


Others about Liina:

Liina has worked with Prangli Travel for over seven years, therefore, she has been with us almost since the beginning. Thanks to her degree in biology, she is always interested in what we see and feel around us. She is detailed and thorough in preparing her work and takes care that things will run smoothly. In reality, everything is as it should be most of the time, therefore it is always safe to go exploring with Liina as she double-checks even the smallest detail. As a tour guide and a team-player, she always brings new knowledge and facts, creates balance between people, and shares her passion for nature.


Liina can make the time fly with her good spirit and smile. Even when it is freezing cold or suffocating heat outside, you almost would not notice it on her tour as she keeps the attention and continues without any difficulty.


Listening to Liina’s extensive knowledge on nature will make you forget anything else you were doing.”


Our most genuine and sweetest guide!


Liina is an experienced tour guide with whom you are never bored and who is an excellent team-player.


As a person, Liina is warm, genuine and reliable. As a guide, she is able to share her knowledge on nature in the most engaging way.”


“Incredibly intelligent, friendly and outgoing person who can not only answer every question but give a good answer, too!”

Liina. Tour Guide
Liina's Favourite Tours

Tour to Husky Park and Dog-Sled ride

Experience Estonia’s winter wonderland as you fly along snowy trails behind a team of dogs.


Prangli Island Day Trip

Visit this enchanting island, close to Tallinn, and enjoy its bio-diversity, unspoilt charm and unique heritage.


Seal-Watching Trip

Join us and head out to the Malusi islands for a wildlife encounter to see seals in their natural habitat.