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Tenet Movie Locations in Tallinn

  • Discover all the main Tenet Movie locations in Tallinn where the movie was filmed
  • Enjoy  touring with minibus  on the roads in Lasnamäe and Tallinn city centre where the action scenes in traffic were filmed. We take  the same road that John David Washington and Robert Pattinson did  in the movie .
  • Get the outside  glimpse of Tallinn Linnahall, the magnificent building  as “Kyiv Opera House” and Liivalaia 24: as “Wermuth-Bygningen building”
  • See the interior of  entrance hall of Kumu Art Museum as “Oslo freeport” in the movie

A special treat for all fans of the Tenet movie! During this comprehensive and exciting tour around Tallinn, you will learn all about the exciting spots that served as one of the filming locations of Tenet. The Tenet film crew and protagonists spent months filming in Tallinn in the summer of 2019. The city of Tallinn itself is mentioned and acts as one of the locations in the film, but in fact was also used for filming many other places and scenes – you will also visit locations that were depicted as Kyiv Opera House, Oslo Airport Freeport, city of Oslo – as well as many other exciting scenes from the movie.

Listen to the exclusive interview by Tenet’s leading cast and director  – and their thoughts on Tallinn here.

PRICE INCLUDES: personal pick-up and return to your hotel, guide service and transport.

PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: hotel, as agreed.



Linnahall (Kyiv Opera House, film opening scene)

Linnahall (city hall in Estonia) was built exclusively for the Tallinn sailing regatta of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. First, it was  named V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sports and built as a multifunctional event venue for concerts and event. The flat shape of the Linnahall was designed in order not to ruin or obstruct the beautiful skyline of Tallinn Old Town from the sea. Its style can be called brutalist  and although currently it has been closed to the public for years, it is still an important landmark for Tallinners.

KUMU, Estonian Art Museum in Kadriorg (Oslo Freeport )

KUMU is an abbreviation for KUnstiMUuseum, “art museum” in Estonian and the headquarter of the Estonian Art Museum. Definitely one of the most modern art museums in the country, it was designed by Finnish architect Pekka Vapaavuori and opened in 2006. Currently, it serves a national gallery as well as a museum for contemporary art. In the movie, Kumu is cast as the fictional Oslo Freeport, and you can see Neil and Protagonist walking around the museum’s atrium.
The museum is located in the city’s largest park, Kadriorg (St. Catherine’s Valley), established by Peter the Great as a gift to his wife Catherine that celebrated its 300th birthday a few years back. 

Maarjamäe Hill and Memorial (Oslo)

This location was depicted in the film after Sator races off to find his missing “plutonium” and the Protagonist has another chat with Priya while walking in a beautiful seaside location. Supposedly in Oslo, it was filmed near the World War II Memorial in Maarjamäe Hill. The 1970s architectural ensemble with a concrete obelisk was dedicated to the defenders of the Soviet Union is hard to miss. The paved pathway along with the “Perishing Seagulls” statue serve as a backdrop for one of Tenet’s highly cryptic discussions. Under the hill, there is also the Memorial for Estonia’s Victims of Communism 1940-1991 that opened in 2018. 

Laagna Road/Virbi Bridge.

Tallinners call Laagna road also a “channel” – it is in fact, a busy street with many lanes, connecting the city centre with Lasnamägi, once a model Soviet micro-district mostly built in the 1970s and 1980s. This is where the most exciting car chase scenes were filmed and after some heavy negotiations, Tallinn City Government finally agreed to close the the entire road  to traffic for months.  In the film,  the epic time-bending car chase scene was filmed there with many locals cast as stunt drivers. The best way to enjoy the view of Laagna tee is from one of the several bridges that cross the road.

Old Courthouse on Liivalaia Street - Wermuth-Bygningen Building

The 1970s office building used to be a former courthouse, is currently empty and closed for visitors, but you can still have a look at the limestone exterior. Although it only opened in 1987, the court moved out in 2018 and the building is currently not used. Also called the “Wermuth-Bygningen Building”, in the film the location is the one where the protagonist is taken after the wind farm in Denmark and introduced to the brain-twisting concept of ‘time reversed’ bullets by scientist Barbara (Clémence Poésy).

Telliskivi railway tracks

The epic scene in the beginning of the movie where the Protagonist was filmed right in the middle of Tallinn’s most hipster district Telliskivi, a stone’s throw away from Telliskivi Creative City.  Telliskivi means “brick” in Estonian ( a cue to its industrial history) -it boasts many of trendy bars, restaurants, cultural venues, and shops housed in former Soviet factory buildings – and is also a short walk from the Old Town. The railway tracks are leading to Kopli Railway Port.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • pop in some of cafes and restaurants in Telliskivi area, in Kalamaja and explore  design shops in Telliskivi;
  •  visit Art Museum of Kumu, discover Estonian modern art exhibitions (extra ticket)
  • stay in Swissotel Tallinn, where Tenet movie stars were staying
  • explore other famous areas of Tallinn that have been inspiring movie industry

Tenet Movie Locations in Tallinn

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