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Seal-Watching Trip

The Baltic Sea has been home for seals for about 10 000 years, they are biggest water mammals in this region. We invite you to join our seal watching tour near Malusi islands – the natural retreat for seals. We reach the islands by a larger boat, departing from one of the north coast’s lovely port villages Kaberneeme. Seals are curious animals – usually they swim nearby the boat within minutes. To encourage the seals to come out and meet us, we use a clever lure: classical music! On our trip we talk about the smaller islands on our way to Malusi and talk about the seals every day life.

PRICE INCLUDES: pick up from hotel and transfer from hotel, guide service, motor-boat trip to the Malusi Islands.

PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: hotel, as agreed.



Transfer to Leppneeme or Kaberneeme

Our seal-watching trips include transfers to the north coast ports. Private tours reach the islands by a motor boat from Leppneeme, but when joining our regular tours (see special offers) we offer sea-trips by a bigger boat from one of the north coast’s loveliest port villages Kaberneeme.

Enjoy a sea-journey in the Kolga archipelago and on to the Malusi Islets

Grey seals live on low islets without vegetation or reefs that are located far from the mainland shore and human settlements. In the Estonian north coast islets there are some places were the largest mammals in Baltic Sea can enjoy their life. On our way (about 1 hour) to the islets we pass a beautiful archipelago and will tell you stories about population on the islands before WWII, the Baltic Sea and coastal folk-traditions. We recommend you wear warmer clothes on the sea (certainly a jacket) as even in summer it can be cold.

Experience seals-watching, with music

Seals are curious animals, usually they swim close to the boat. To encourage the seals to come out and meet us we use a clever lure: classical music! Sometimes we are lucky enough to not only see them to pop-up their heads from the sea but also lying on rocks near the islets. We lend our guests binoculars in case we cannot get close enough to see the seals.

Get to know more about the history of Estonian coastal-folk, grey seals and the Baltic Sea

On our way back you are welcome to ask all the questions you want about the seal’s habitat, breeding and protection etc.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • bring a musical instrument with you or just sing during the tour and find out if seals like your music;
  • spend more time in the coastal areas and let us pre-book a nice lunch or dinner for you in the best fish restaurant in North-Estonia, Ruhe.

Prices for Seal-Watching Trip

Special Offer price:

Book and join our regular tours for 59 euros (adults) and 19 euros (children) per person on Sundays at 11.00 from Tallinn Tourist Info Centre.
In July 2.07, 9.07, 16.07, 23.07 and 30.07
In August 6.08 (at 10.00 o’clock) , 20.08 and 27.08
In September 10.09 and 24.09
In October 8.10 and 22.10

Number of participants:Price per person:Children 4-12 years:
2248 euros248 euros
3165 euros165 euros
4125 euros125 euros
599 euros99 euros
683 euros83 euros
779 euros79 euros
8 and more69 euros69 euros