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Ice Road Tour – The Real Nordic Experience

  • Cross the sea by car on an official ice-road, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Visit the romantic health resort – Haapsalu city and the western islands of Estonia.
  • Admire the beautiful Keila-Joa waterfall, frozen in wintertime.
  • Learn more about the Estonian Swedes culture and history.
  • Enjoy the wintry Estonian coastal areas. 

For the once-in-a-lifetime experience of crossing the sea by car, join the Ice-Road tour! Almost every January and February, parts of the Baltic Sea completely freeze over, allowing the authorities to open official ice roads between the mainland and western Estonian islands. This day trip takes you by car over the ice to peninsula of Noarootsi, heart of Estonian Swedes culture and history. The trip also includes a city tour in Haaspalu and visiting Keila-Joa waterfall. Read also about custom made winter tours in Tallinn, Estonia.

PRICE INCLUDES: personal pick up and return from your hotel, guide service, transport, entrance fees to museums.


PICK UP PLACE AND TIME: hotel, as agreed.



Enjoy a wintry ride to the west coast of Estonia and visit Haapsalu

The ice roads open in west Estonia when the ice is at least 22 centimetres thick. This usually happens by February every year. So, if you have booked your tour and the ice-roads are open, we first drive to Haapsalu. The city is known for its romantic old town, a medieval castle that is home to legendary ghost, the White Lady, and therapeutic mud-baths and spas. As we do not want you to miss the beauty of this romantic health resort, we will take a short tour in Haapsalu.

Drive with us on the ice-road

Although the sea isn’t very deep, at less than 10 meters, it is still an odd thought that just 22 centimetres of ice separate you and your car from the ice cold sea water. But it’s safe and the roads are officially approved in Estonia. Haapsalu is connected to Noarootsi peninsula and Rohuküla to the island of Hiiumaa by ice roads which not only attract thrill-seeking visitors but which also act as vital links for locals. For example, the icy link between Haapsalu and Noarootsi cuts almost 30 km from the normal route between the peninsula and the county capital, while for the residents of Vormsi the connection with the mainland gives them the freedom to travel independently of the ferry schedules.
Our route will depend on which ice-roads are open at the time.

Explore Lääne-County, and learn more about Coastal Swedes

On our way back we choose the route according to which ice road we took, but either way, we will pass through some areas historically populated by Coastal Swedes. Swedish-Estonians, also known as the Coastal Swedes, have been living along the country’s north and north-western coasts and on the western islands of Vormsi (Ormsö), Osmussaar (Odensholm) and Noarootsi (Nuckö) for more than a thousand years. Because of their relative isolation, the privileges they enjoyed and the language barrier, they remained a rather closed community for centuries, leading to the development of their own dialect and culture. During the upheaval of World War II the majority of them were forced to abandon their homes and flee to Sweden. Today, a number of agencies and associations are involved in preserving the culture of the Coastal Swedes, teaching their language and showcasing their traditions and long-practised arts and crafts.

Visit romantic Keila-Joa waterfall

A full 6 metres high, and tens of metres wide, Keila waterfall is the third largest waterfall in Estonia. It’s definitely worth a visit in the winter, whilst it is still frozen.
There is also a renovated hydroelectric power plant at the Keila waterfall.

Optional tips to enhance your experience:

  • visit one of the most beautiful manors in Lääne county, Padise Manor, an 18th century historic mansion currently housing a hotel and restaurant. We also recommend stopping here if you would like to have more sophisticated lunch on our way back to Tallinn;
  • buy some of the extraordinary, traditional embroidery or a famous Haapsalu Shawl, made from gloriously knitted lace.

Prices for Ice Road Tour – The Real Nordic Experience

Number of participants: Price per person: Children 4-12 years:
1 220 euros
2 107 euros 77 euros
3 87 euros 77 euros
4 77 euros 67 euros
5 and more on request on request