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“My work is my hobby and it also gives me freedom. Solving unexpected challenges makes this job exciting. Discovering new hidden corners of Estonia, where I haven’t been, meeting other travellers and getting support from my co-workers is really inspiring.”


Others about Triin:

Triin is a brave and adventurous tour guide who, thanks to her calm nature and confident leading, can get even the most hesitant ones through the swamps and bogs, or teach even the most clumsy to ski. She has heaps of experience and endless stories she could tell by the bonfire.


Triin is an incredibly honest and cool tour guide. Even the most hopeless situations can get solved thanks to her experienced gut feeling and quick thinking.


Triin is a strong Estonian woman who gets any task done that is put in front of her. As a bonus, she is also intelligent and a wonderful tour guide.


Triin is an adventurer and has a warm heart. You can see from the spark in her dark eyes how much she loves nature and being active, despite the season or weather outside. She is practical, handy and professional in her work, while adding a few twists to her stories, so they never get boring. She has worked in nature and adventure tourism for years and is always developing her skills and knowledge in different ways – be it finding new places to discover or her current studies to become a gardener.


Triin is the best nature guide who will make it through any situation. She is straightforward and reliable.”


With a cool sense of humour and constant desire for new knowledge, Triin is a lovely person, who takes her tourists safely to the nature, treats them with colourful stories and interesting facts, and then takes them back while making sure everyone is feeling nice and comfortable throughout the trip. She has extensive experience in hiking so she can really be trusted.


She is a true hiking guru. A person for whom overcoming challenges is a lifestyle.


“Triin is looking for new adventures whether it is summer or winter. She is a smart tour guide who is easy to talk to!”

Triin. Tour Guide
Triin's Favourite Tours

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Visit this enchanting island, close to Tallinn, and enjoy its bio-diversity, unspoilt charm and unique heritage.


Learn to Ski in Tallinn

Try your hand at Estonia’s national sport and learn why Estonians are so passionate about winter.


Jägala Waterfall and Historic Harju County Tour

A slice of Estonian life, culture and history in a beautiful natural setting, the waterfall is a fantastic sight year-round.