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“Prangli Travel differs from other local tour companies thanks to its flexibility and how adventurous and nature-loving the guides are. The best part of my job is the opportunity to offer our clients something personal that becomes an unforgettable memory from Estonia. At the same time, accommodating all the good ideas and requests from our clients, so that every travel bug would be satisfied, is constantly keeping us on our toes. Luckily, all our guides are passionate and ready to take up new challenges any day whatever the weather conditions – be it strong winds or pouring rain; they still enjoy what they do. The enthusiasm and motivation in our team, together with seeing travellers who make memories for a lifetime, makes me come to work every day with a big smile and filled with gratitude.”


Others about Katrin:

Katrin is never scared of a task – be it guiding tours, making preparations for other tours or handling all the bookings in the office. Always active, Katrin has lived in different countries and seen more than most people at her age.


Katrin is helpful and has very good communication skills. Who else would be so ideal a tour guide and responsible for international bookings if not her, with her natural talent for interacting and speaking. Years living in England has given her excellent communication skills. Although a geographer by education, she feels at home in Tallinn Old Town as well as out in the nature. As a young person full of energy, she is always open to new challenges and aside from her work is active in several hobbies from football to politics. In addition to all these qualities, Katrin is a straightforward and decent person to be around.”

Katrin. Sales fairy
Katrin's Favourite Tours

Hiking and Hot Sauna on Prangli Island

If hiking in Estonia is something for you then do it on Prangli island, a place yet to discover.


Seal-Watching Trip

Join us and head out to the Malusi islands for a wildlife encounter to see seals in their natural habitat.


Tallinn Old Town Tour with Bog Walk

Get an overview of both Tallinn Old Town, as well as Estonia’s bogs and nature on this half-day tour.