Tour Guide

“I have been a tour guide for two years now and nature is definitely my favorite topic. I do what I do to improve myself, to get to know great people and share my knowledge and ideas about our surrounding environment. What could be better?”


Others about Peep:

 “Helpful, polite, likeable and nice, Peep is most fond of bogs. It’s impossible to get him out of there. He understands and loves nature, and nature loves Peep, most of all the seals. Therefore, you can see Peep either on our seal-watching trips or in the forests of Lahemaa National Park. I don’t know why but all the ladies over 60 also love Peep. He is currently studying Environment Protection but already has a degree in Anthropology.”


 “He is calm and genuine! Peep is like an Old Bog Man, a mythical creature in Estonian folklore. Even though he doesn’t have a long grey beard and shoes made of birchbark (I’m pretty sure he would love to have them, though), he has all the other characteristics of the Old Bog Man: he is a caring old soul in harmony with nature, helping others to understand and interpret our surroundings. I would go to a forest, a bog, or the sea with Peep anytime, because I know I can trust him wherever he takes me.”


 “I recommend choosing Peep as your tour guide if you’re interested in the details of nature, taking some time off, and discovering off-the-beaten-tracks places in Prangli Island and Lahemaa National Park. Peep will go on a journey with you, even into the unknown.”


 “A gentle dreamer, who knows how to enjoy nature and interpret it to the max to everyone who will listen.”


“Our team’s nature guy! A great companion and guide for those who enjoy wading their way through the countryside.”

Peep. Tour Guide
Peep's Favourite Tours

Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park

Get back to nature with a visit to Estonia’s premier National Park, only a short ride from Tallinn.


Tour to Husky Park and Dog-Sled ride

Experience Estonia’s winter wonderland as you fly along snowy trails behind a team of dogs.


Seal-Watching Trip

Join us and head out to the Malusi islands for a wildlife encounter to see seals in their natural habitat.