Tour Guide/Marketing Specialist

 “I’ve always thought that life is really short; you need to do what makes you happy, so that when you’re in bed after a nice day you can tell yourself: “Yes, that was a good day!” Keeping that in mind, I figured that tour guiding, marketing and nature are my three biggest passions. At Prangli Travel I can connect all three of them and every morning I wake up happy to go to work.”


Others about Kristiina:

 “Kristiina is a bright young woman. Despite her youth she has been a Tour Guide in several places both here and abroad. Kristiina is a proactive person whose every inch is full of positivity, which also makes her perfect to be our Marketing Specialist. Kristiina is the only guide in our team who has a Master’s Degree in Nature Tourism and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Management. She is a great group leader, whether she is doing a tour in Tallinn, Prangli or in Lahemaa national park.”


“The most positive and sunny guide who finds a good way to connect with every single person.”


 “Kristiina is a joyful Tour Guide with an “always ready” attitude. She is a kind, supportive and helpful person.”


“A very happy and positive tour guide whose outlook and state of mind is picked up by everyone around her.”

Kristiina. Tour Guide
Kristiina's Favourite Tours

Jägala Waterfall and Historic Harju County Tour

A slice of Estonian life, culture and history in a beautiful natural setting, the waterfall is a fantastic sight year-round.

Learn to Ski in Tallinn

Try your hand at Estonia’s national sport and learn why Estonians are so passionate about winter.