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“I’ve been drawn to the wild ever since my childhood. I studied Ecology for 5 years but after that I went to travel the world for couple of years. I was a teacher, and then I had 2 kids. Nowadays I would say I’m a freelance nature tour guide focusing mostly on outdoor learning. I love simplicity, nature and harmony. Prangli Island has won me over with its history, nature, good-hearted people, and synergy. It’s great to be a tour guide on Prangli.”


Others about Kadri:

 “A guide with a wide knowledge and larger mission, who teaches kids and is able to inspire the grown-ups to know more about nature.”


 “Kadri has a likeable character. As a biologist, she knows a lot about nature and harmonizes with the environment, whether she is in a bog or on a seal-watching trip. As a teacher, she loves teaching kids. Kadri likes balance, which she is able to keep on the tours in her own way.”

Kadri. Tour Guide
Kadri's Favourite Tours

Hiking and Hot Sauna on Prangli Island

If hiking in Estonia is something for you then do it on Prangli island, a place yet to discover.

Ice-Skating on Forest Lakes

Ice-skating on a forest lake is something that everyone should try at least once in their life-time. The frozen lakes

Seal-Watching Trip

Join us and head out to the Malusi islands for a wildlife encounter to see seals in their natural habitat.